25 November 2010

Girls Love Shopping..

22 & 24  November 2010

Why girls love shopping?
Until now, I don't have answer for this question..
Maybe, some of them thinks that by shopping they can release their tension..
Some of them love shopping because it is their passion for fashion..
and, some of them go shopping because they want to rewards themselves after their hard work.

Hmm..what about me then?

Well..hello, I'm a girl and of course I do love shopping.
But please, not all the time I'm going for shopping.
Sometimes, before purchase something, 
I will think either it is important or not for me to have it..
But for sure, if I have enough budget at that time, I won't think twice. 
I'll just go and pay for it.hehe..

Well, that what we called girls and shopping is inseparable..

Shopping time. Location-Miri.

21 November 2010

Dear Diary..

Its been a long time I'm not writing anything..I'm so sorry.
Its not about I have nothing to write or nothing to share with you..
but, I'm really busy.

 Now..I want to share with you what am I doing and my activity from the earlier of November till now.

8 November 2010- The last exam paper (Statistical Method)

Seriously..this is the tougher paper ever.
Why am I saying that, because I don't like calculation and never like it.
I do try to like it, but it wont work. But then, I try my best to make sure that I can pass this paper.

9 November 2010- Ready for the upcoming Bday.

My housemate and I were busy buying all the stuff needed for the party.
Oh yess..I'm really excited. hehe.

13 November 2010- The Party is on !!- Advanced Birthday Party.

Tonight, I'm celebrate my advanced bday party together with jiejie.
Actually,my real Birthday is on 29 November, and jiejie (23 November).
But, I'm celebrate my birthday earlier with jiejie because this is the first time and maybe the last time I'm celebrate it with my housemate.
By the way, thanks a lot my friend for the Bday Party.
Personally, I think that was the great Bday party ever that I have..

Photo taken on my Bday Party..

15 & 16 - Finishing School

This finishing school is about to expose you to the real working life..
The activities involved motivational talk, how to do resume and mock interview.

Photo taken on finishing school..

18 November 2010 - Shopping time

Location - Suria kk.

Happy and tired face from me  ^_^

19 November 2010 - Back to Miri.

20 & 21 November 2010 - Go to farm

11 November 2010


Since I don't know what to do and nothing else that I can do 2nite..so, my friends and I decide to having supper. just a simple meals..nugget n instant noodles..
by the way, thanks to Anty Mar n Zaie for the supper.

10 November 2010

Im bored..really don't know what to do..anybody please help me..

9 November 2010

Good Morning Scumbag B-46-15!!!..

Good Morning n good morning..tgh hari bru kt bgn ye kwn2..anak btuah.hehe.ini psl menonton crita keluarga momok la ni mlm td. sampai bgn pn awal sgt..what am I going 2 do for 2day?.I dont have any plan right now..but this saturday..go to One Borneo for sure..got event over there..haha..
what a life...hoping for something that you yourself not sure about that..full of drama sometimes..
but at the same time, u can learn a lot from what has happen..that what we called Experience babes..
Should'nt think that the problem comes to u as a burden..but be thankful when its happen to u..
because without u realize or not, you getting mature from it.

8 November 2010

Aku Sudah Merdeka.

What a relief..finally im freedom. Xde test lagi dah..hehe.
nw only thinking to make my Birthday Party on this 18Nov, with my housemate since im going back early to my hometown..gonna miss u all.Muahhx3.

1 November 2010

Bila Aku Jatuh Cinta..

Sebelum bercinta denganmu, aku tidak kenal apa itu cinta..jauh sekali untuk merasainya.
Jika sekalipun aku pernah bercinta, ia hanyalah cinta monyet yang bersifat sementara kerana ia pernah membuatkan aku hilang kepercayaan terhadap kaum Adam.
Pada kali pertama mengenalimu, aku masih punya perasaan ragu..kerana takut peristiwa lalu berulang kembali..
Ternyata aku silap, kerana kau ternyata berbeza ..mungkin jua kerana kau mampu membuatkan aku merasai apa yang tidak pernah aku rasai sebelum ini. Adakah ini cinta?..jika benar, maka aku bahagia.
Sungguh, dengan mengenalimu, aku dapat merasakan bahawa aku sudah bertemu dengan insan yang aku dambakan selama ini..
Thanks hubby for your love..