About Me

   Hye Bloggerss!! It's me the owner of P/s:iloveyou blog. Just wanna share a little bit about myself with you guys who owes support my blog..I'm just an ordinary girl likes other girl who love doing fun+crazy thing likes Diys that I owes share with you..love taking photo, it was one of my obsession..not only photo of mine, but mostly nature and keep it as one of my precious collection :P.

  Other than that, I love reading..especially NOVEL..fine, I just love it.love it and love it..and thank God coz our home near with library. In the other word, sangat menjimatkan :)What else..hurmm..okayy, I'm a cat lover..don't you think they are so adorable with big round eyes and so manjaa..ohh my..so guys..please don't harm animal orite? Other than kitty lover, I do love shopping..err..normal aite? If I hangout with my bestFriend, we do love window shopping and survey2 first even if it will take a few hour in one shop!..then we decide either it is necessary or not to buy..girl owes like that.sangat normal kan? :P Okayy guys, I guess that all about me..and thanks alot for those who owes reading my blog..:)

So, enjoy reading my blog..lov u guyys!!

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