28 Mac 2011

Last weekend, I back to my hometown..really miss my place of birth. While my parent go to farm..I'm just stayed at home and busy taking  photo.. The most interesting photo that I had taken was Mr.Spider.. Here..I want to shared photo of  Mr.Spider..so enjoy :)

25 Mac 2011

I'm in Love..I'm in Love mood. Its only happen when I'm reading romance novel or when I'm thinking about my Love..Its make me keep on dreaming...and keep on smiling..really bright my days..
Make me forgot about my farmville for  a while..poor farmville.
But its ok..when I'm back from kampung..meaning that on next week, I'll start farming okey.
Since today I'm in Love Mood..I'm only listening to Love Song..
So here, I dedicated this Love Song lyrics to My Love..
Hope you like it..really Love you..xoxo.


23 Mac 2011

Just a few novel that I already read..
anyway thanks to my sister 
for her kindness to let me borrow her novel  :)

There are few reason why I Love to read romance novel..one of  the reason is because I Love daydreaming very much..now, you all must be wondering and eager to know what are the relationship between novel and daydreaming..

          Well, let me explain briefly..when you reading novel, for sure you will imagine the guy characters inside the novel.. and your daydreaming is start when you hoping that you will meet that guy in your reality life..hahaha. I'm started to Love reading novel because I was influence by my sister. She's a big fans of novels and always alert with the latest novel..she knows what the best..and guess what, she has about 200 plus collection of novel not includes her Korean CD's. OMG..yes, that true.

         Its shows that girls not only Love to read novel, but also Love to be a novel collector...
hmm..what about my hobbies? will be continue..:)

20 Mac 2011

  1. I LOVE YOU because you always make me  in LOVE. Never felt like this before..maybe this is what we called true Love..even though I know that we are far away from each other but then, our love make us felt closed to each other.
  2. I LOVE YOU because you always be there for me whenever I need you no matter ups & downs..you will comfort me and always said that everything gonna be okey..
  3. I LOVE YOU because whenever I"m with you, I felt secured..and felt like having a guardian with me..someone that I can depend on.
  4. I LOVE YOU because you always thought me about about life and be mature..but Darling, this is me and I never changed since the first time we met..but then, I will try to change my bad attitude and be a good girl for you.
  5. I LOVE YOU because you a farsightedness guy that always thinking forward and the commitment that you give make me thinking that you a the right guy for me.
  6. I LOVE YOU because you always make me happy and smile with your jokes..you bright my days my Love.
  7. I LOVE YOU because you accept the way I'm..even though I know that I have lot of weaknesses..but you ever said that nobody is perfect..and the reason why GOD give every human their partner is to complement each other..and I'm glad that you a the one for me.
  8. I LOVE the way you smile and laughing..you look so sweet my Love.
  9. I LOVE to look into your eyes because I can see lot of Love inside..
  10. I LOVE YOU when you always saying "I LOVE YOU"..because its means a lot to me. I Just want you to know that I LOVE YOU so much too.

17 Mac 2011

Oh my Meow!!

Today, I would like to share an interesting facts about cats. For those who have cat maybe know and realize about this facts. For whom doesn't have cats and thinking to have one, this facts is useful for you to know your cat better.

  •  Cats are some of he smartest animals and can interpret a human 's mood and feelings.
  • The average cat sleep is between 12-14 hours a day.
  • Cats sense of smell is 14 times stronger than that of human.
  • The lifespan of cats are usually between 15 and 20 years.
  • Cats can jump between 5 and 7 times as high as their tail.
  • Just like finger prints on human, the nose pad of cats is rigid in a pattern that is completely unique.
Last but not least...
  • Cats knead their paws when they are happy.   
Here, I put together the photo of my cutie cat..the one that I love very much :) 

9 Mac 2011

In Memory..

8 March 2011..

 It was yesterday date..   
But, back to 12 years ago, its was the date when someone that I love leave me and this world forever.
Grandma, I love you so much..
But then, I know GOD love you more and that why he took you away from me even though he know that I still need you and your love..
Grandma, just want to let you know that you always in heart and may GOD bless you.

6 Mac 2011

Hi there..I'm back to update my blog. As u all can see..
the last day I update my blog is on Dec 24 2010..
A day before Xmas. After that, I'm not active online for a while because of  having prob w my adapter. It's about 2 month n half  I'm not active online and honestly, I'm really missing my farmville and chatting w my love very much...
what a sad feeling..but now, I'm back :)
  2nite, I'm want 2 share something special w u all. 
2day (6/3/11) is my couple anniversary..

 We been together for about 2 years and 10 months..what a long journey in our relationship. Lots of thing we been going through together along the journey..the up and down in relationship..but then, I'm really thanks to GOD that we are still together..

 I'm really thank to GOD because finally I found my true LOVE.
 Thank You my LOVE..your the best..