21 November 2010

Dear Diary..

Its been a long time I'm not writing anything..I'm so sorry.
Its not about I have nothing to write or nothing to share with you..
but, I'm really busy.

 Now..I want to share with you what am I doing and my activity from the earlier of November till now.

8 November 2010- The last exam paper (Statistical Method)

Seriously..this is the tougher paper ever.
Why am I saying that, because I don't like calculation and never like it.
I do try to like it, but it wont work. But then, I try my best to make sure that I can pass this paper.

9 November 2010- Ready for the upcoming Bday.

My housemate and I were busy buying all the stuff needed for the party.
Oh yess..I'm really excited. hehe.

13 November 2010- The Party is on !!- Advanced Birthday Party.

Tonight, I'm celebrate my advanced bday party together with jiejie.
Actually,my real Birthday is on 29 November, and jiejie (23 November).
But, I'm celebrate my birthday earlier with jiejie because this is the first time and maybe the last time I'm celebrate it with my housemate.
By the way, thanks a lot my friend for the Bday Party.
Personally, I think that was the great Bday party ever that I have..

Photo taken on my Bday Party..

15 & 16 - Finishing School

This finishing school is about to expose you to the real working life..
The activities involved motivational talk, how to do resume and mock interview.

Photo taken on finishing school..

18 November 2010 - Shopping time

Location - Suria kk.

Happy and tired face from me  ^_^

19 November 2010 - Back to Miri.

20 & 21 November 2010 - Go to farm

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