25 November 2010

Girls Love Shopping..

22 & 24  November 2010

Why girls love shopping?
Until now, I don't have answer for this question..
Maybe, some of them thinks that by shopping they can release their tension..
Some of them love shopping because it is their passion for fashion..
and, some of them go shopping because they want to rewards themselves after their hard work.

Hmm..what about me then?

Well..hello, I'm a girl and of course I do love shopping.
But please, not all the time I'm going for shopping.
Sometimes, before purchase something, 
I will think either it is important or not for me to have it..
But for sure, if I have enough budget at that time, I won't think twice. 
I'll just go and pay for it.hehe..

Well, that what we called girls and shopping is inseparable..

Shopping time. Location-Miri.

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