9 November 2010

Good Morning Scumbag B-46-15!!!..

Good Morning n good morning..tgh hari bru kt bgn ye kwn2..anak btuah.hehe.ini psl menonton crita keluarga momok la ni mlm td. sampai bgn pn awal sgt..what am I going 2 do for 2day?.I dont have any plan right now..but this saturday..go to One Borneo for sure..got event over there..haha..
what a life...hoping for something that you yourself not sure about that..full of drama sometimes..
but at the same time, u can learn a lot from what has happen..that what we called Experience babes..
Should'nt think that the problem comes to u as a burden..but be thankful when its happen to u..
because without u realize or not, you getting mature from it.

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