23 Mac 2011

Just a few novel that I already read..
anyway thanks to my sister 
for her kindness to let me borrow her novel  :)

There are few reason why I Love to read romance novel..one of  the reason is because I Love daydreaming very much..now, you all must be wondering and eager to know what are the relationship between novel and daydreaming..

          Well, let me explain briefly..when you reading novel, for sure you will imagine the guy characters inside the novel.. and your daydreaming is start when you hoping that you will meet that guy in your reality life..hahaha. I'm started to Love reading novel because I was influence by my sister. She's a big fans of novels and always alert with the latest novel..she knows what the best..and guess what, she has about 200 plus collection of novel not includes her Korean CD's. OMG..yes, that true.

         Its shows that girls not only Love to read novel, but also Love to be a novel collector...
hmm..what about my hobbies? will be continue..:)

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