20 Mac 2011

  1. I LOVE YOU because you always make me  in LOVE. Never felt like this before..maybe this is what we called true Love..even though I know that we are far away from each other but then, our love make us felt closed to each other.
  2. I LOVE YOU because you always be there for me whenever I need you no matter ups & downs..you will comfort me and always said that everything gonna be okey..
  3. I LOVE YOU because whenever I"m with you, I felt secured..and felt like having a guardian with me..someone that I can depend on.
  4. I LOVE YOU because you always thought me about about life and be mature..but Darling, this is me and I never changed since the first time we met..but then, I will try to change my bad attitude and be a good girl for you.
  5. I LOVE YOU because you a farsightedness guy that always thinking forward and the commitment that you give make me thinking that you a the right guy for me.
  6. I LOVE YOU because you always make me happy and smile with your jokes..you bright my days my Love.
  7. I LOVE YOU because you accept the way I'm..even though I know that I have lot of weaknesses..but you ever said that nobody is perfect..and the reason why GOD give every human their partner is to complement each other..and I'm glad that you a the one for me.
  8. I LOVE the way you smile and laughing..you look so sweet my Love.
  9. I LOVE to look into your eyes because I can see lot of Love inside..
  10. I LOVE YOU when you always saying "I LOVE YOU"..because its means a lot to me. I Just want you to know that I LOVE YOU so much too.

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