6 Mac 2011

Hi there..I'm back to update my blog. As u all can see..
the last day I update my blog is on Dec 24 2010..
A day before Xmas. After that, I'm not active online for a while because of  having prob w my adapter. It's about 2 month n half  I'm not active online and honestly, I'm really missing my farmville and chatting w my love very much...
what a sad feeling..but now, I'm back :)
  2nite, I'm want 2 share something special w u all. 
2day (6/3/11) is my couple anniversary..

 We been together for about 2 years and 10 months..what a long journey in our relationship. Lots of thing we been going through together along the journey..the up and down in relationship..but then, I'm really thanks to GOD that we are still together..

 I'm really thank to GOD because finally I found my true LOVE.
 Thank You my LOVE..your the best..

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