23 April 2011

3 places in this world that I wish to go..


I always Love England for many reason..but above of all, I Love it because the history of the country itself..It's really interesting to know and a lot of  unsolved mysterious story inside that you have to dig out slowly.

One of  my favorite is King Henry VIII with his six wives..famous story ever till they make it as a film (Anne Boleyn). Besides, one of the King's daughter (from his second wife- Anne Boleyn) which is Elizabeth I has become the Queen of  England and bring peace to the country for about 45 years (1558-1603).

Sometimes, I'm always thinking that the Queen Elizabeth II is her's descendant ..but then, when I'm try to find out the truth from internet, book..etc..actually, there are no relationship between them because Queen Elizabeth I had no child (not married)..by the way..correct me if  I'm wrong. Besides that, the famous England writer (William Shakespeare) also alive at that time.

There are few places that I wish to visit in England :

                                           Windsor Castle.

                                         Tower of London.

 Tower of London is one of the history monument that situated at the central of London. Besides, it was called as "Bloody Mary" because of  the function as a prison and of course a place of execution . So, no wonder a lot of people ever said that they saw a ghost around the tower at midnight.

The other places:
  • Natural History London (World's 10 best museum)
  • Roman Bath
  • Manchester

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