26 April 2011

3 places in this world that I wish to go..


What can I say about Italy..such a  lovely place to visit..but for sure Italy can make you fall in Love with their fascinating scenery, artistic masterpiece,exquisite food, historic cities, ,..etc.

If  you want to go for honeymoon but don't know yet where place to go..I will suggest Italy for you. Why Italy?..because, a lot of  things you can found in Italy..maybe your true Love is there..hehe. Who knows right..
The romantic city like Venice is the most perfect place for you to spend with your Love. Okey,.I'm not promoting nor I'm not a travel agent..but seriously, Italy is just a perfect place to visit.

For those who Love fashion..there you are..Milan, Florence, Rome, and Venice is the right place for you. Just name it what you want and you can find it there..all the famous brands like Dolca & Gabbana, Versace and Gucci..Oh my, it's a heaven of  fashion..everything is there dear. Just go and have fun!!!.

But, the enjoyment is not only stop there..for those who Love history like me..there's a lot of  historic places that you can visit such as Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa..etc

Places that I wish to visit in Italy :

                                          Trevi Fountain                 
  • Vatican City - Sistine Chapel
  • Ruins of Pompei 
  • St. Peter Basilica
  • The Pantheon
If you want to know more about Italy Click HERE.

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