28 April 2011

3 places in this world that I wish to go..


When we talk about France..only two things appear in my mind..Eiffel Tower and Grand Louvre Museum. For me, these two things are the main attractions of  France. If you go there, for sure you will come again for the second trip.

As you all know, Eiffel Tower is one of  the most famous structured in the world. Besides, its was name after the builder (Alexander Gustave Eiffel). It must be so romantic when your Love propose you in front of  this tower..for sure you will remember that beautiful moment for the rest of your life..

Apart of  Eiffel Tower, I'm a big fan of Grand Louvre Museum..why museum..? well, as I ever mentioned before.,I Love history. I Love Grand Louvre museum because of their design, really unique and modern. Besides, a lot of  famous painting was exhibit there such as Monalisa by Leonardo Da Vinci .

Places that I wish to visit in France :

                                           Eiffel Tower
                                          Grand Louvre Museum
                                          Arc de Triomphe

If you want to know more about France..Click HERE

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