13 April 2011

Wardrobe Oh Wardrobe..I'm in Love with you.

Can I have wardrobe for my room please..but my room is quite small for it..huhu..Seriously I really want to have it..so that, I'll have some space for my collection.

Can you imagine..a wardrobe filled with only your  favorite pieces that  fit well and look great on you. Besides, by having wardrobe, you can solve the problem of storage which number of people face (easy storage accessories and clothing) and yes..your room will look more tidy.

If  my room were big, I'll make a partition for wardrobe..Oh my, I'm really in love with it. I will have it..not now..maybe if  I have my own house later..got to work hard for it..yeehaa.

Here are pictures of celebrity's wardrobe that I think super cool and awesome..
This pictures was taken from googles.

                                               Eva Longoria-Closets
                                            Paris Hilton's wardrobe

                                          Kimora Lee's  wardrobe

                                               Mariah Carey's wardrobe

                                            Christina's wardrobe

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